Advanced features for professional photographers

Various editing functions

Olympus Viewer 3 includes various editing functions and customisation functions for different purposes so it will even meet the needs of professional photographers.

Included editing functions

Rotate and Flip, Auto Tone Correction, Tone Curve (Level Correction), Gamma, Colour Balance, Brightness and Contrast, Hue, Saturation and Value, Colour Filter, Monochrome and Sepia, Sharpness and Blur, Unsharp Mask, Shading Compensation, Distortion Correction, Noise Reduction, Crop, Red-Eye Correction, Fisheye Correction, Tilt Adjustment, Movie Edit (Merge/Cut/Capture)

Saves edited content automatically

Olympus Viewer 3 remembers editing settings automatically. This feature is very convenient because editing settings are applied without having to save them. And, of course, you can easily return the image to its original appearance before editing at any time.

  • To use the file with the editing results applied in another application, use the Export Image function

Can execute batch processing

You can save editing settings as a batch processing file, and then load and apply them during editing.
Additionally, if you set the batch processing file when exporting images, the settings will be applied to multiple files in a single batch.

  • Olympus Viewer 2 batch processing files can also be used.

Rich customisation functions

You can customise the 'Edit palette' or screen design the way you like.

Customisation of the edit palette according to your use style

You can customise the layout of the 'Edit palette' to suit your style of use when editing or RAW processing. Customisation lets you display only the filters you use often and change the display order of functions to make work more efficient.

  • Default menu
  • Example of customised menu

Customisation of the display design

In addition to a white base design, there is also a black base which is ideal for selecting photos. You can change the setting to match your preference in Options. Additionally, the background colour for the thumbnail area and single image display can be selected from 13 different shades ranging from white to black.

Batch settings for Professional Mode

The professional screen can be easily switched by selecting [Expert Mode] in Options. This mode allows you to customise settings.

High-speed, high-quality RAW processing

Olympus Viewer 3 enables high-speed, high-quality RAW image processing. You can use shooting parameters to process images and process multiple RAW images with different settings as a batch. It is also possible to process Hi-Res Shot RAW images[*].

  • The latest version of Olympus Viewer 3 is required, which can be downloaded here
  • 64-bit OS and 4 GB or more of memory are required.
  • Some parameters cannot be applied when processing RAW images.
  • It may take more time than usual to process RAW images depending on hardware specs.

Easy-to-use classification function, and simple and easy image selection

Usually, it is a very difficult task to find a single great shot from a large number of photos. Olympus Viewer 3 provides powerful support for filtering out the best images in two steps: (1) Rough Sorting and (2) Compare Multiple Photos.

Mark candidate photos while viewing photo information

Image data accumulated on the hard drive is displayed in the thumbnail area in the Browse window. You can roughly sort images by adding a colour mark for classification to each image while viewing the shooting data and histogram. The thumbnail view size can be flexibly changed from 2 x 2 (4-image display) to a large number of sizes, and the sort order can be changed as desired (custom sort function).

  • The custom sort function is only available for Folder Management.

Enlarge and compare the images to select the best picture

The work can be performed on a computer display in a similar manner to looking at film on a light box. You can display multiple images simultaneously and synchronize the same point to move and enlarge for comparison. When the colour mark and selection functions are used together, several hundred images can be narrowed down to several dozen, then several images, saving a lot of time.

RAW + JPEG dual display/group display

RAW + JPEG can be displayed as a single file. With Library Management, bracketed shots, sequential shots, and panorama images can also be grouped for display.

  • RAW + JPEG display
  • Group display: Folded
  • Group display: Unfolded

Improved properties display

The main parameters are displayed in an easy to see manner. Following in the footsteps of the traditional detailed display, map information and people information can also be displayed, making image management easy and fun.

  • People information is only available for Library Management.
  • Default menu
  • Example of customised menu


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