Useful functions

Automatic recognition of people in images

Olympus Viewer 3 automatically detects faces in the photos. You can filter photos so that only those with specific people are displayed. You can also change registered names as desired.

  • This function is only available in Library Management mode. Furthermore, due to shooting conditions and other factors, faces may not always be detected accurately.

Timeline Display lets you revisit fond memories

All imported photos are displayed by shooting date. This allows you to browse through all of your recent and past shots, making it possible to quickly find just the shot you're looking for.

  • This function is only available in Library Management mode.

Displaying photos on a map

Photos with location information that were taken by a smartphone or camera with a GPS function are automatically placed on a map. Also, the cameras GPS log data is imported automatically and the travelled route (logger data) is displayed. Location information can also be automatically added to images without location information using the camera's GPS log data.

Simply connecting the camera displays the photos

When you connect your camera to the PC, Olympus Viewer 3 automatically displays the photos in the camera. You import photos as well as you can quickly and easily upload photos to social networking services or print.

Easy uploading to social networking services

This software supports Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and sending as email attachments. You can also add a comment to each image and crop images easily. If you use the camera to preset upload reservation function, uploading is even easier.


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