The Genuine Leather Accessories for PEN-F

These genuine leather accessories take your premium quality PEN-F experience to another level.
(quantities limited)


Sophisticated design suiting the PEN-F

These premium leather accessories feature a two-tone design of mature colors and shades. Their sheer perfection and quality textures provide a fantastic match with the PEN-F.


Luxurious, carefully-selected genuine leather

These accessories are all made from specially-finished leather crafted by a Japanese tanner. The deceptively soft, comfortable textures boast excellent durability. Their personality changes with time, revealing character in the way only genuine leather can.



These items are crafted with uncompromising focus on quality and consideration of the user. By ensuring that the good qualities of the leather are utilised without hindering the design, these items have both refinement and elegance.

Genuine LeatherShoulder Strap

This is an impressive two-toned strap made of high-quality genuine leather. It features careful attention to stitching all the way to the ends of the strap. An complex stitching method was used that produces a strong product while preserving the suppleness of the leather. Soft textured polyester is used for the back of the strap, and its 30 mm-width helps prevent shoulder strain.

Genuine LeatherCamera Bag

This compact camera bag is packed with features including an easy-to-use inner case that protects the camera and many storage pockets for carrying accessories. This is a collector's item that can also be used as a daily bag.


Founded in 1917, AJIOKA Co., Ltd. is a renowned leather maker with a rich history. The camera bag was made under their direction, with all their technical skill, experience, and expertise as a leather maker poured into this product.

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  • Easy-to-use storage pockets

    Multiple easy to use storage pockets are included for carrying accessories. The side pockets feature hidden magnets covered with leather to protect items from scratches.

  • Dust guards protect your equipment

    The genuine leather dust guards keep dust and dirt out of the bag.

  • Large flap made from a single sheet of leather

    The large flap is made from a single sheet of luxurious leather. The large opening is designed for easy camera removal.

  • Simple, easy-to-use locking buckle

    The locking buckle matches the texture of the leather for a smart look.

  • Dividers for a customisable layout

    Three dividers are included for a layout that can be customised to match the lens size.

  • High-quality, easy-to-use shoulder strap

    This is an easy-to-use, nylon-backed, genuine leather shoulder strap. A removable shoulder pad is also included.