Interchangeable lenses & Accessories

M.Zuiko Premium lenses

M.Zuiko Premium is a single–focal-length lens series with high-quality design that perfectly matches the PEN-F. The sharpness of the images captured and soft defocusing effects open up a whole new world of photographic expression.


ECG-4 Metal External Grip for the PEN-F

This is a metal external grip that provides a sure grip for the camera. It is compatible with the camera's quick release. The battery can be replaced even with the grip attached.

Genuine leather accessories (quantities limited)

These two-tone design genuine leather accessories are the result of carefully selected luxurious materials that have undergone repeated prototyping. The quality and thorough attention to detail is evident the moment you hold them in your hand. The high quality finish is sure to bring excitement to users.

CBG-11 PR Geniune Leather Camera Bag

This is a compact two-tone camera bag with an advanced design. It is a fully functional camera bag with an inner case to protect the camera, and has many small storage pockets.It can be used as a regular bag when the inner case is removed.

CSS-S120L PR Genuine Leather Strap

This is a wide (30 mm) genuine leather strap for reducing shoulder stress. A painstaking stitching method is used so that the stitched sections do not become stiff, maintaining suppleness. The reverse side uses a polyester that is comfortable against bare skin.

CS-47B Genuine Leather Body Jacket

This is a body jacket for exclusively use with the PEN-F. The design perfectly fits the camera body, protecting the bottom of the camera from scratches while shooting.

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