More features

Colour Creator gives you control of colour

Colour Creator lets you capture impressive photos of emotional scenery. This feature gives you dynamic control over hue (30 steps) and colour saturation (8 steps including base value) of the image, using intuitive controls. You can also change the white balance when shooting.

(Added feature in firmware V3.0)

Upgrading the camera firmware to V3.0 adds shading effects to Colour Creator as well.

Art Filter expands photographic possibilities

The many Art Filters and Art Effects can now be browsed through as you see the effects reflected to your image in Live View. When you set the Creative Dial to ART, Art Filters can be instantly accessed using the rear lever.

(Added feature in firmware V3.0)

Upgrading the camera firmware to V3.0 adds the new Bleach Bypass Art Filter.

Live Composite lets you capture movement of light as solid light trails

Live Composite seamlessly composites the areas which are newly bright, so that it can capture starscapes without over-exposure unlike normal bulb shooting. It is also useful when shooting fireflies, or fireworks in the sky above buildings. As with Live Bulb, you can check the progress on the LCD monitor. Moreover, you can also use the flash to emphasise a moment during the exposure, or a use a pen light to write letters. A maximum exposure of up to 3 hours is possible.

  • Shooting time: 3 seconds
  • Shooting time: 1 min (20 shots)
  • Shooting time: 60 min (1200 shots)

Live Bulb and Live Time let you confirm your progress

Confirm your progress on the display at set intervals as you take long exposure shots. You can choose from Live Bulb, which opens the shutter while the shutter button is pressed, and Live Time, which opens the shutter on the first push and closes it on the second push of the shutter button. While in Live Bulb, the screen displays the exposure time and a histogram. When the Bulb/Time shooting mode is selected, the backlight is automatically dimmed to reduce the power consumption and brightness.

  • Shooting time: 1 min.
  • Shooting time: 2 min.
  • Shooting time: 4 min.

Interval Shooting and 4K Time Lapse Movie

The Interval Shooting function is included for fixed-point observation shooting. This can be used to shoot scenes such as flowers opening, the movement of people, or the movement of stars over time. Simply set the number of shots (max. 999) and interval (1 sec. to 24 hr.) and the camera will automatically shoot successive images. You can also automatically generate a 200 second 4K Time Lapse Movie (5 fps). With this function, you can enjoy successive shots as a movie.

HDR mode

With a single release of the shutter, the camera takes four shots with different exposures to create an HDR image. HDR1 creates natural textures, and HDR2 creates strong artistic effects reminiscent of paintings. HDR Bracketing mode is also included for use with HDR software on a computer.

  • The ISO is fixed at 200 in HDR mode.
  • HDR1
  • HDR2

Keystone Compensation

Just as if shooting with a shift lens, keystone compensation and perspective enhancement are possible in high-image quality, and you can confirm the effects in Live View before releasing the shutter. Because these functions are available on the Olympus Viewer 3 computer application as well, after correcting images, detailed corrections are possible, including RAW processing.

  • Before use
  • After use

Various Bracketing modes

Bracketing captures multiple shots, each at different settings. The PEN-F is equipped with various Bracketing modes including Focus, AE, WB, flash, ISO, Art, and HDR.

Digital Tele-converter that lets you magnify the centre portion up to 2x

The Digital Tele-converter function is available on this model for magnifying the centre portion of the frame up to 2x for a telephoto effect. This feature is excellent for telephoto shooting as well as macro shooting. The image processor provides excellent image supplementation for high-quality original-size images, so you don’t lose any resolution. By assigning this function to the Fn button, etc., you can easily switch between normal shooting magnification and digital teleconverter with the push of a single button.

  • You cannot change the number of AF Targets when using Digital Tele-converter.
  • x1
  • x2

LV Boost 2, convenient for shooting stars

Stars, which often get lost on the monitor since they are so small, are clearly visible in Live View when using LV Boost 2 allowing you to compose your shot. It displays the scenery approx. 5 steps brighter than the OM-D E-M5’s LV Boost. You can switch between Live Boost 1, 2, and Off in each shooting mode. For BULB and TIME, Live Boost 2 is the default setting.

  • Display frame rate will decrease. Also, exposure compensation results will not be applied.
  • Live Boost is fixed at Off in movie mode.
  • Normal Live View
    Stars are not visible on Live View screen
  • LV Boost II
    Stars are visible in Live View, allowing you to compose your shot

Built-in Wi-Fi and Olympus Image Share

The PEN-F is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to connect the camera to the Olympus Image Share smartphone app for photo transfer. Utilising Olympus Image Share you can wirelessly transfer images and remotely control the camera with Wireless Touch AF Shutter.

  • Remote shooting
  • Easy image sharing

Bounce shooting compatible high-performance flash

A splashproof and dustproof flash with a guide number of 9.1 (ISO 100 m) capable of bounce shooting (movable 90° vertical, 180° horizontal) is included with the camera. Because it is compatible with the wireless flash control, you can use it for multi-flash photography with multiple external flash units.

  • This flash can be used as the commander.

Cinema quality movie shooting functions

This camera supports Full HD 60p/52 Mbps High Bit Rate movie recording. The powerful 5-axis image stabilisation makes it easy to shoot hand-held advanced Full HD movies.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.


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