Quick Response lets you capture the precise moment

High-performance shutter with a short release time lag so you never miss a shot

This model is equipped with a max. 1/8000 sec. high-speed mechanical shutter. The world's shortest[1] 0.044 sec. release time lag helps you capture the moment you're waiting for every time. With this feature you can enjoy shooting at the widest aperture setting on a fast lens even in bright outdoor conditions without using an ND filter.

  • 1: Current as of January 2016 on currently available compact system cameras. When using the mechanical shutter.

Silent Mode for completely silent shooting

Silent Mode has evolved so you can now use the maximum shutter speed of 1/16000 sec. when shooting. The flash, AF sound, and AF illuminator can all be turned on and off individually, and the 20 fps ultra high-speed sequential shooting H+ can also be used.

  • When using Silent Mode, and noise reduction is activated during long exposures, the shutter sound for capturing the dark frame may be heard depending on the shooting environment.
  • The shutter speed is limited to 1/16000-1/25 sec. when using Sequential H+.
  • Rolling distortion can occur when shooting fast-moving subjects.
  • Certain types of fluorescent light or LED light may cause striped patterns to appear on the image depending on the shutter speed used.
  • You can reduce the shock caused by the shutter opening and closing.

Anti-Shock mode for reduced shutter shake

Anti-Shock mode (electronic first curtain shutter) reduces shutter shock. This feature is useful for shooting landscapes and scenery. It is also possible to use up to 5 fps sequential shooting (Sequential L). When a shutter speed of 1/320 sec. where uneven exposure tends to occur is exceeded, the camera automatically switches to the mechanical shutter.

High-speed sequential shooting

This camera is capable of 10 fps high-speed sequential shooting (focus is locked at the first frame) and 5 fps AF tracking sequential shooting. With this feature you'll never miss a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

  • 10 fps
  • 5 fps

FAST AF for instantly focusing exactly where you want

A short time lag from when the shutter button is pressed until shooting begins is an important requirement to capture fleeting photo opportunities. The PEN-F’s FAST (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology) AF, along with M.Zuiko Digital lenses, provides high-speed autofocusing through high-speed sensor operation and high-speed lens operation.

AF Targeting Pad

The PEN-F is equipped with the AF Targeting Pad, which lets you trace the rear monitor with your thumb to quickly determine a focus location while looking through the viewfinder. This system lets you intuitively move the AF Target without moving your eye away from the viewfinder.

Face Detection/Eye Detection AF

Face Detection/Eye Detection AF is available so the camera can automatically focus is on the face/eyes.

AF target-linked spot metering

With AF Target-linked spot metering, you can link the AF Target position and spot metering area.

  • When AF is used on the corner, lens shading may effect the brightness of the image.

Super Spot AF makes it possible focus on pinpoints

Super Spot AF magnifies the specified AF area and uses the centre of the magnified AF area as the focus point. Powerful image stabilisation is activated for a stable viewfinder image making it the perfect function for macro or telephoto shooting.

  • Only available for Micro Four Thirds lenses

Small Target AF for targeting small areas

Small Target AF lets you specify a very small area as the AF target. Because it is possible to specify a very small focus area, very fine focusing is possible.

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