Top-class interchangeable-lens-camera image quality

A 20M Live MOS sensor. Zuiko lenses with a rich, 80-years history. The TruePic VII image processor which brings out the best performance of the sensor and lenses. An advanced, in-body 5-axis image stabilisation system. All of these combine to provide top-class interchangeable-lens-camera image quality in any type of shooting condition.

20M Live MOS sensor

This camera is equipped with a 20M Live MOS sensor. The low-pass filterless sensor enables high resolution. Low sensitivity ISO LOW mode is expanded from the traditional ISO 100 to ISO 80 equivalent. High sensitivity shooting is supported up to ISO 25600. The image processor optimally tuned to match the sensor makes clear, high quality images with minimal noise possible.

The world's highest performance in-body 5-axis image stabilisation

1. Pitch 2. Yaw 3. Horizontal shift 4. Vertical shift 5. Roll

This model is equipped with in-body 5-axis image stabilisation that compensates for all types of camera shake. Its compensation performance is equivalent to a world’s best 5 shutter speed steps[1] ,making it possible to capture high-quality, sharp, hand-held snapshots even in dark locations. Because it is built into the camera body, even older lenses without electronic contacts can make use of this feature. The viewfinder image stops shaking when you press the shutter button halfway, providing stable framing for shooting.

  • 1: Current as of January 27, 2016 on currently available interchangeable lens cameras. Except for 5-axis sync IS. According to CIPA standards (when used with M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ at a focal length of f=42mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 84mm), pitch/yaw direction)
  • Without image stabilisation
  • With 5-axis image stabilisation

Registering lens information

The camera body is equipped with a function to register information for up to 10 lenses that are not equipped with electronic contacts. You can access information for registered lenses and select those settings so that lens information such as name, focal length, aperture value, etc., are recorded in EXIF information.

TruePic VII image processor

This camera is equipped with the TruePic VII image processor. TruePic VII optimises sharpness according to the optical characteristics of the attached lens and aperture (f number) value, performs high-precision demosaicing optimised for the low-pass filter less sensor, and features Fine Detail II that reduces false colours. It brings out the potential of lenses to achieve sharpness and high resolution. Olympus-original Real Colour Technology creates accurate representation of colours that are thought to be difficult to represent such as emerald green and yellow.

50M High Res Shot

This camera is equipped with 50M High Res Shot for situations where a higher resolution photo is required, such as when shooting works of art or scenery. The camera moves the sensor in half-pixel increments while capturing eight shots, which are then used to generate a single high-resolution shot equal to that captured with a 50M sensor. This feature is highly effective when used with the excellent resolving power of the M.Zuiko PRO and M.Zuiko Premium lenses.

RAW processing

  • In RAW+JPEG mode, three types of image are saved including 50M JPEG, 80M RAW (ORF), and 20M RAW (ORI).
  • 80M RAW images can be converted to 50M JPEG images on the camera. 80M JPEG images can be processed using Olympus Viewer 3.
  • 20M RAW images cannot be played back or processed on the camera, however, they can be viewed and processed using Olympus Viewer 3.
  • Installing Olympus Viewer 3 V2.0 on a 64-bit OS makes it possible to process RAW images as high-resolution shots on your computer.

  • 20M RAW (ORI) is the first data of the 8 RAW images shot.
  • A tripod is required for shooting.
  • If the subject moves while shooting, the section that moved will appear at a lower resolution in the image.
  • Due to flickering, it will not work under inconsistent light sources.
  • You can select from the widest aperture value up to f/8, from 1/8000 to 8 sec. for shutter speed, and from ISO LOW to ISO 1600.
  • Manual flash (up to 1/20 sec. syn speed) is supported for flash photography.
  • Art Filter, Multi Exposure, Live Bulb/Composite, Interval Shooting, HDR, all BKT, e-Portrait, and Monochrome Profile Control are not supported.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.


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