Beautiful design that transcends time

This model employs a soft, modern body line and inherits the silhouette of the film PEN F camera for refined rangefinder styling. It has machined aluminum dials, a magnesium top cover, and a dial layout that is perfectly calculated so that you can operate the camera without ever having to take your eye away from the viewfinder. This model is the culmination of Olympus' uncompromising design aesthetics in every single detail.

Comfortable operation

The thumb rest, which provides you with a comfortable, sure hold on the camera, and the control layout that allows you to keep your eye to the viewfinder as you adjust settings, are just two of the many traits that make this camera highly operable.

2 dials + exposure compensation dial

1. Front and rear dials 2. Exposure compensation dial

Two of your most frequently used settings from among the aperture value, shutter speed, ISO speed, white balance, Ps (program shift), and flash compensation can be assigned to the front and rear dials. In addition, there is the exposure compensation dial, giving you a total of three settings you can adjust directly with the dials.

  • When ISO auto is set to "All" in M (Manual) mode, exposure compensation dial can also be used to set the exposure compensation with ISO speed
  • If you assign flash compensation to the exposure compensation dial, you can assign exposure compensation to the front orrear dial

4 Custom dial positions

Dial with 4 Custom modes and a lock mechanism

You can register favourite settings from C1 to C4 on the mode dial and activate them with just the single twist of the dial. The dial is also equipped with a mode dial lock mechanism.

Rear lever

1. Rear lever

The camera is equipped with a rear lever that can be switched to the left or right to easily activate Highlight & Shadow Control and other artistic functions. The lever can be switched without having to take your eye away from the viewfinder, letting you adjust the image as you confirm the results of the adjustments.

Creative Dial

The Creative Dial is positioned on the front of the camera body so you can instantly access Monochrome Profile Control and Colour Profile Control, as well as Art Filter and Colour Creator functions.

Genuine leather accessories that draw out further appeal of the PEN-F (quantities limited)

Two-tone design genuine leather accessories add to the premium feel of the PEN-F. The CBG-11 PR Genuine Leather Camera Bag is produced under the supervision of renowned leather products maker AJIOKA Co., Ltd., and feature quality in each and every detail. The high quality finish is sure to bring excitement to users.

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