System accessories

A full range of system accessories has been further expanded to assist in authentic shooting.

HLD-9 Power Battery Holder

This is a dustproof and splashproof power battery holder for use with the OM-D E-M1 Mark II. The arrow pad makes the same operations possible whether holding the camera vertically or horizontally. When two batteries, in the camera and the HLD-9, are used together, approximately 880 shots (according to CIPA testing standards) can be captured. The GS-5 optional grip strap and AC-5 AC adapter for prolonged continuous use can also be used.

  • A rechargeable lithium ion battery is not included.

FL-900R External Flash

This is a high-power flash with a guide number of 58. It features superb tracking performance for high-speed sequential shooting. It is dustproof, splashproof, and freezeproof down to -10℃, expanding your photographic possibilities.

STF-8 Macro Flash

The STF-8 broadens the field of macro photography while making shooting in macro easier. This twin-flash unit is compact, lightweight, dustproof, splashproof, and freezeproof down to -10℃. Use it along with an M.Zuiko PRO lens or macro lens to add another dimension to your photography.

RM-CB2 Release Cable

This is a mini-plug type (2.5Φ) release cable with bulb lock.

Underwater photography system

This underwater photography system is developed to resist water pressure up to depths of 60 m for professional underwater photography.

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