Never miss a moment with super-fast AF

The AF system focuses on subjects in an instant. Easy operation ensures you never miss a moment.

Touch AF Shutter for intuitive control

Touch AF Shutter provides intuitive control that lets you focus and shoot simply by touching the subject on the screen.

121-point AF for a wide focusing area

The E-M10 Mark III is equipped with the 121-point AF system employed on the E-M1 Mark II, securing a larger focus area. Press the shutter button halfway while using S-AF (All Target) to display green focusing frames that indicate which areas of the screen are in focus.

Face/Eye Priority AF

The Face/Eye Priority AF, which detects and focuses on the subject’s face or eye closer to the camera, is available on the E-M10 Mark III. Focusing on eyes can make faces look more beautiful in photos.

C-AF focuses continuously on moving subjects

Because AF is constantly functioning while the shutter button is pressed halfway in C-AF, you can continue focusing on subjects while shooting. The subject is already in focus when you release the shutter, ensuring you never miss a moment.

8.6-fps high-speed sequential shooting captures split-second expressions

The E-M10 Mark III is equipped with 8.6-fps high-speed sequential shooting capability. This makes it possible to capture split-second expressions on fast-moving subjects.

  • The sequential shooting speed is the same as Sequential H (no AF tracking). A maximum sequential shooting speed of approximately 4.8 fps is possible in Sequential L (with AF tracking).
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.