Full array of automatic shooting features

A full array of automatic shooting features makes producing creative photos easy even for novice users of interchangeable lens cameras.

Four shooting modes to choose from

Select from Auto, Scene, Advanced Photo and Art Filter modes. Set to Auto to leave the adjustments up to the camera, or use one of the other modes to get creative.

  • Auto
  • SCN (Scene Select AE)
  • AP (Advanced Photo AE)
  • ART (Art Filter)

Further advanced Auto mode

Select Auto mode and leave detailed settings up to the camera. Simply snap the shutter to easily capture beautiful photos. The powerful 5-axis image stabilisation prevents the image from being blurred by camera shake, and the same TruePic VIII image processor as used on the E-M1 Mark II lets you capture moving subjects even in dark locations, so you can shoot confidently in Auto mode

Scene mode is even easier to use

Select one of six different themes in the new scene mode to capture photos that most resemble the next scene you want to shoot. This feature makes it easy to activate the optimal settings for shooting.

Advanced Photo mode makes advanced shooting techniques easy

Advanced Photo mode delivers artistic photos with varied expressions only possible on an interchangeable lens camera. Enjoy advanced shooting methods such as Live Composite, Multi Exposure, and Live Time via simple operation.

  • Live Composite: Capture light trails of stars in the sky or of moving cars. You can confirm your progress on the rear monitor as you record.
  • Multi Exposure: Overlapping two shots creates a dreamlike atmosphere.
  • Live Time: Shoot faint light sources in dark locations. Light trails can also be recorded. You can confirm your progress on the rear monitor as you record.
  • HDR shooting: Capture photos with minimal highlight blowout and loss of shadow detail.
  • Panorama: Merge photos horizontally or vertically. Photos must be merged in Olympus Viewer3 (free software).
  • Silent shooting: The shutter sound, autofocus sound (electronic sounds) and light from the camera are turned off. This feature is useful for situations where sound is inappropriate.
  • Keystone Compensation: Capture naturally straight lines in buildings by correcting trapezoidal distortion
  • Focus Bracketing: When focusing is difficult, use this feature to capture multiple shots with the focus position shifted slightly each shot. You can select your favorite after the recording is complete.
  • AE Bracketing: Multiple photos of differing brightnesses are captured so you can select your favorite.

Art Filter produces impressive photos

There are now 15 Art Filter options to choose from, including the new Bleach Bypass. Simply use an Art Filter to capture an impressive, artistic photo of everyday scenery.

  • Soft Focus sample
  • Light Tone sample
  • Pop Art sample

New Art Filter: Bleach Bypass

This Art Filter reproduces the bleach bypass effect used when processing film. With this effect you can give cityscapes a sharp edge and make the metallic texture of cars or aircraft more impressive. Select from Type I and Type II.

  • Type I
    Lends a shining, silver texture to metals for a cool feel in photos.
  • Type II
    Gives a gentle, refined look to photos, like an old celluloid movie.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.