FLST-1 Flash Stand

Easy set-up flash stand for FL-50R and FL-36R, with durable metal screws.

FLRA-1 Reflector Adapter

In addition to a catch light effect, you can obtain beautiful and lively lighting effects by compensating for shadows created by bouncing with additional front light. Additionally, it can be attached to the long side or the short side of the flash head to bounce the flash from the ceiling when shooting in portrait orientation, or bounce from a side wall when shooting in regular orientation, expanding the situations where you can use bounce flash.

FLBA-1 Bounce Adapter

Can be attached to the flash head of a FL-50R or FL-50 to mitigate the contours due to shadows during bounce photography and create softer bounce lighting.

FP-1 Flash Power Grip

This flash power grip uses four C alkaline batteries. Using the flash power grip together with the power source you will experience rapid flash charging and a greater number of shots per charge. It can be used together with the SHV-1 Flash High Voltage Set.

RG-1 Remote Grip Cable

Use the RG-1 Remote Grip Cable to connect the body and the FP-1 Flash Power Grip to enable use of the FP-1's shutter-release button.

FL-CB05 Off Flash Cable

Use the off flash cable when using an external flash separated from the camera.

  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.