FL-600R Electronic Flash

FL-600R Electronic Flash

FL-600R Electronic Flash

The FL-600R is a high-brightness flash with a guide number of 36 (ISO100/m) and a maximum guide number of 50 (ISO200/m). Compared to FL-50R/FL-36R conventional flashes, this flash features greatly reduced charging time and improved operability. In addition, it comes with a new LED light[1]for improved movie shooting support. It is also equipped with a commander function[2].


Great operability and support for high-speed charging

The entire circuitry has been re-evaluated to speed up the charging time by 3 times that of the FL-36R and 2.4 times that of the FL-50R. In addition, the arrow pad and control dial can be used to adjust the settings just like the controls on the camera. Moreover, visibility has been enhanced with the wide LCD display.

Equipped with LED Light

The flash now features an LED light to support movie shooting in low light and backlit situations. It can also be used as an AF auxiliary light during still image photography.

Support for bounce shooting

The flash can be set to any of seven bounce angles up to 180 degrees horizontally and any of four bounce angles up to 90 degrees upward and 7 degrees downward. It comes with a built in catch light plate to control the spread of the flash and provide auxiliary illumination on the subject during bounce shooting.

Equipped with the commander function*2 for coordinating with wireless flash units

The FL-600R is very powerful for its compact size and multiple FL-600R's can be used as wireless flashes. 3 groups (up to 4 groups*3) of the flashes can be controlled via the Super Control Panel on the camera. Controlling what groups fire and the intensity of each flash can be done remotely. It also comes equipped with a slave function. The FL-600R can be attached to the hot shoe of a camera and can be used as the master flash when using the commander function*2.


Guide number GN36 (ISO100/m) / GN50 (ISO200/m)
GN12 (ISO100/m) / GN17 (ISO200/m)*
  • Using the built-in wide panel
Firing angle Covers the field of angle of 12mm lens (35mm equivalent focal length: 24mm)
Covers the field of angle of 8mm lens (35mm equivalent focal length: 16mm)*
  • Using the built-in wide panel
Built-in functions Wide panel, catch light plate
Wireless (RC) function Flash modes: RC, SL-AUTO, SL-MANUAL
No. of channels: 4
No. of groups: Independently controlled 4 groups
Bounce Vertical / horizontal Up: 0 to 90 degrees, Down: 0 to 7 degrees (facing forward 0 degrees)
Horizontal: 180 degrees (facing forward 0 degrees)
LED Power: 1W, Colour: White light, Firing angle: 30 degrees of even lighting
  • Supports a focal length of 12mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 24mm) or greater Illumination: 100 Lux at 1m
  • Controllable at 1 EV steps from full to 1/16
Power supply (recommended batteries) 4 AA alkaline batteries / 4 AA NiMh batteries
Flash interval*4 Approx. 2.5 sec. (when using AA alkaline batteries)/Approx. 2.0 sec. (when using AA NiMh batteries)
Number of flashes*4 (at full flash) Approx. 280 (when using AA alkaline batteries)/Approx. 400 (when using AA NiMh batteries)
LED flash time*4 Approx. 2.8 hours (when using AA alkaline batteries)/Approx. 4 hours (when using AA NiMh batteries)
Size (excludes protrusions) 62 (W) x 104 (H) x 98 (D) mm
Weight 255g (excludes batteries)
Accessories FLST-1 Flash Stand, Soft Case
  • 1: It can be used with the E-M5, E-PL5, E-PL6 or E-PM2. The functionality is limited with other cameras.
  • 2: It can be used as a wireless commander flash to control other external flashes when combined with the E-M5, E-PL5, E-PL6 or E-PM2.
  • 3: The E-M5, E-PL5, E-PL6, and E-PM2 can separately control A, B and C groups in addition to the flash on the camera (4 groups in total) on the camera body. When the FL-600R is attached to those cameras, external flashes can be controlled on the body while using the FL-600R as a remote commander flash.
  • 4: According to in-house test conditions. This may vary depending on shooting conditions. When using new or fully-charged batteries.
  • This cannot be used together with the hot shoe accessories.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.