iHS Technology

The combination of the TruePic image processor and the low-noise back-lit CMOS sensor provides high image quality, high speed operation, quality night scenes and backlit scenes without any shooting difficulties.

1. Back-lit CMOS sensor (BSI CMOS sensor)

  • High-sensitivity / low-noise
  • Fast drive speed

2. High-performance TruePic Image processor

  • High colour reproducibility
  • High resolution
  • High-speed image composite processing
  • Scene recognition technology

TruePic VII

TruePic VII is an image processor used in interchangeable lens cameras such as the OM-D E-M1. The processor performs lateral chromatic aberration compensation and sharpness optimisation. It also provides a wider variety of shooting opportunities through technologies as environment recognition and synthesis processing.

Back-lit CMOS Sensor

The camera features a back-lit CMOS sensor that provides higher ISO performance and lower noise.

Intelligent Features

When you point the camera toward the subject, the camera automatically selects and sets the appropriate settings in an instant based on the subject, lighting, and environment. It also supports movie recording and you can shoot movies without having to make complicated setting adustments.

Super Resolution zoom

An even greater zoom ratio is possible by combining it with optical zoom. Unlike conventional digital zoom, it can be used without significantly losing image quality. By combining the 4x optical zoom and 2x super-resolution zoom, the TG-4 can provide up to 8x (200mm1) zoom.

Low Light Performance

Offers super-high ISO levels up to 6400 to let you shoot under low light conditions.

Backlight HDR

A single snap of the shutter instantly captures multiple shots at differing brightnesses. Shadowed areas in the picture are then corrected to a natural brightness level.

  • 1. Negative compensation
    2. Positive compensation

Shadow Correction

This camera enables you to shoot night scenes with less noise. AUTO mode automatically increases the ISO under low light conditions and turns on the image stabilisation so that you can take photos without camera shake.

Face Detection

When the camera detects a human face, it shows a white frame on the detected face. When you half-press the shutter button to focus on it, the frame turns green. This feature lets you shoot photos of people easily.

  • 1: 35mm film camera equivalent
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.