GPS + Electronic Compass and Built-in Wi-Fi

Highly accurate GPS function

The GPS function on the TG-4 is compatible with GLONASS and QZSS for improved positioning accuracy. With support for GPS assist data, positioning speed is significantly improved by updating the GPS ahead of time using a computer or smartphone.

  • The computer application A-GPS Utility Software or the smartphone app Olympus Image Track is required to update the GPS assist data.

Logger function for recording the route travelled

Even when not shooting, the TG-4 receives positioning data at specific intervals and records your travelled route. With the computer application Olympus Viewer 3, Google Maps, and the smartphone app Olympus Image Track, you can see your photos along with their location, creatong memories of your travels.

  • Route travelled

The smartphone app Olympus Image Track makes using positioning information more convenient.

The smartphone app Olympus Image Track comes complete with many functions including being able to update GPS assist data via the camera's Wi-Fi capability as well as downloading GPS logs and photos to your smartphone for easy management on a map.

  • Positioning is possible even without updating GPS assist data, however it will take longer.

Detailed information and to download Olympus Image Track

Update data from a computer

A computer application is also available for those without a smartphone.

Click here to download the Olympus A-GPS Utility software

The electronic compass helps to check shooting direction when travelling

You can check your shooting direction, longitude and latitude in the positioning information screen, even when the camera is turned off.

  1. Latitude/Longitude
  2. Air pressure/Water pressure
  3. Altitude/Depth of water
  4. Date and time
  5. Shooting direction

Equipped with a Wi-Fi function for sharing enjoyable memories anytime, anywhere

The TG-4 is equipped with a Wi-Fi function. When linked with the Olympus Image Share smartphone app, images on the camera can be easily transferred to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Initial settings are no more troublesome with a simple scan of the QR code that is displayed on the camera. The settings can now be completed in just a few steps.

See details on Olympus Image Share

Use your smartphone as a remote control

Not only can you display the camera's Live View screen on your smartphone, you can specify an AF point, operate the zoom, and activate the shutter. This the perfect tool for capturing memories when you are on vacation.

  • Google, Google Earth, and Google Maps are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc.
  • Because the GPS and electronic compass are not intended for use as accurate measurement functions, under no circumstances are measured values (such as: longitude and latitude, landmark information, shooting direction) guaranteed. Information may differ from actual circumstances due to effects of events such as natural disasters.
  • To use Assist data, information must be updated via the Internet. A computer or smartphone with an Internet connection is required. GPS Assist data must be updated every four weeks.
  • Depending on the country/region of use, different laws and regulations may be applicable regarding the use of the GPS function. Be sure to follow local laws and regulations.
  • Be sure to turn off the GPS function in places where its use is forbidden or restricted, such as onboard airplanes.
  • Whenever the logger is turned on, it will continue to be active and draw power from the battery, even when the camera is off.
  • This camera is not equipped with a navigation function.
  • GPS is a positioning measurement system that uses signals received from orbiting satellites. For better reception, avoid locations where signals can be blocked or reflected. Use the camera in as open location as possible where the sky is clearly visible.
  • It may not be possible to obtain positioning information, or positioning information may be incorrect in the following locations: Indoors, underground or underwater, in forests, near tall buildings, near high-voltage lines, inside tunnels, near magnets, metal, or electronic appliances, near mobile phones that operate in the 1.5 GHz band.
  • The electronic compass may not point to the correct direction in the following places: Indoors, near high-voltage lines (such as on train station platforms), near magnets or metal, near household appliances.
  • Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo is a certification mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
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