System expandability for a wider realm of shooting

Mountains, rivers, valleys, oceans, mountain climbing, trekking, diving, skiing, snowboarding, and leisure activities. The TG-4 is designed to work as part of a system, making it useful in any rugged environment or in active sports.

Accessories that provide solutions for creative hand-held macro shooting

A variety of accessories are available for creative shooting with the TG-4 Microscope mode.

FD-1 Flash Diffuser

The FD-1 is an accessory for use in hand-held macro shooting. It uses the TG-4's built-in flash for lighting macro shots in dark locations and for photographing moving subjects such as insects. It can also be used for creative shots not achievable by SLRs, such as keeping subjects bright underwater or keeping the background dark for an atmospheric shot. Because the FD-1 is equipped with a light output switching lever, you can adjust the lighting output in approximately 1.4 steps to match the shooting conditions.

  • The TG-4 LED light cannot be used.
  • The TG-4 firmware must be upgraded to Ver.2 or later.

LG-1 LED Light Guide

The LG-1 LED Light Guide uses the LED light on the TG-4 body to evenly illuminate the subject for completely shadow-free photography. Unlike the FD-1 Flash Diffuser, which uses the light from the flash, this accessory uses the LED light to shoot while keeping the subject in your line of sight.

  • The LED light guide cannot be used underwater.
  • When the LED light guide is attached to the camera, do not use the flash.

See details and specifications of LG-1 LED Light Guide.


Two types of converters are available for even further expanded photographic possibilities. These can be used without lowering the F value of the lens to enable capture of moving or dimly lit subjects.

TCON-T01 Tele Converter

The TCON-T01 Tele Converter changes the focal distance by 1.7x for zooming in on far-away scenery while maintaining the brightness of the lens. The interior of the waterproof lenses are filled with nitrogen gas, preventing internal fogging due to temperature changes.

  • The separately available CLA-T01 Converter Adapter is required.

See details and specifications of TCON-T01 Tele Converter

  • Telephoto shot on a standard camera
    Equivalent to 100mm (35mm film camera)
  • Shot with TCON-T01
    Equivalent to 170mm (35mm film camera)

FCON-T01 Fisheye Converter

When using the FCON-T01 Fisheye Converter, the focal distance can be changed to 0.74x, making super wide-angle photography possible while maintaining the brightness of the lens. Additionally, because the converter is waterproof, it truly manifests its power in underwater photography where the angle of view becomes narrow. The interior of the lens is filled with nitrogen gas, preventing internal fogging due to temperature differences.

  • The separately available CLA-T01 Converter Adapter is required.

See details and specifications of FCON-T01 Fisheye Converter

  • Shot with a standard waterproof camera
  • Shot with FCON-T01
    Equivalent to 18.5mm (35mm film camera) while maintaining F2.0(24.6mm equivalent underwater focal length conversion)

CLA-T01 Converter Adapter

By attaching the separately available CLA-T01 Converter Adapter to the camera, the above converters, the PRF-D40.5 PRO Protection Filter, and other available 40.5mm-diameter filters can be attached.

  • If the filter attached is thicker than 6 mm, some vignetting may occur in the recorded image. (When using a circular PL filter, use the slim frame type.) The quality of the images is not guaranteed when using third-party filters. Filters and the Fisheye Converter cannot be used together.

See details and specifications of CLA-T01 Converter Adapter

  • Normal shot
  • Shot with a commercially available PL filter

Camera cases with superb functionality and design

A variety of cases are available for those who want to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. They are not only incredibly functional, but also feature excellent design.

CSCH-123 Sport Holder

The separately available Sport Holder secures your camera to a belt or backpack, and allows shooting without having to remove the camera from the holder. When needed, the camera can be easily taken out with a single hand, and because it comes with a spiral cord, there is no need to worry about the camera falling.

See details and specifications of CSCH-123 Sport Holder

CSCH-122 Silicone Jacket

The separately available body jacket protects the surface of the camera body from scratches. This accessory also improves grip for a secure hold on the camera. The LG-1 LED Light Guide can be used with CSCH-122 attached to the camera.

  • One of the properties of silicone is its non-slip texture. For this reason, the camera cannot be used with another camera case while the silicone jacket is attached.

See details and specifications of CSCH-122 Silicone Jacket

PT-056 Underwater Case

The separately available PT-056 is an underwater case that can withstand pressure down to a water depth of 45m. The black-coloured body prevents unwanted reflections, so you can enjoy high-quality images while diving. There are also accessories for exclusive use with this protector for a wide variety of underwater scenes.

  • When the underwater case is attached, the camera's GPS function, electronic compass, and manometer will not function properly.

See details and specifications of PT-056 Underwater Case

System chart

  • The CSCH-121 Mesh Camera Case can be used even with the LG-1 LED Light Guide or FD-1 Flash Diffuser attached to the camera.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.