Compact, high-performance linear PCM recorder

Despite the large, high-performance microphones and two batteries, the recorder features a compact design measuring 39.6 x 112.2 x 16.1 mm, and weighing approximately 78 g (including batteries). This high-performance linear PCM audio recorder is highly versatile, and can be attached to a tripod or camera and used for business situations.

96 kHz / 24 bit, linear PCM recording quality

The recorder supports a maximum sampling frequency of 96 kHz and linear PCM high resolution recording at a quantization bit rate of up to 24 bits (three times the information on a CD). Enjoy high-quality audio recording that exceeds CDs. This recorder is perfect for recording music and video as original sound sources. It also supports lossless compression FLAC format for retaining high quality sound while keeping the file size small.

Manual recording level settings

You can also manually adjust the recording level to record at the optimal S/N ratio according to the volume of the source sound. Adjusting the recording level manually enables the limiter feature to keep the sound below a certain level. The recording level can also be fine-tuned while checking the recording level meter on the LCD and the peak display indicator.

Supports long recording times

In addition to the large-capacity 16 GB internal memory, you can also use a microSDXC card so you don't have to worry about running out of space.

  • You can select whether to record to the internal memory or the microSD card.
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