The high-performance TRESMIC II microphone system faithfully records original sounds

This recorder is equipped with three large high-performance directional microphones. Together, they deliver high quality sound and enhanced recording performance.

Microphones offering balanced audio recording from low to high frequencies

The microphones on the LS-P5 can record high quality sound across a wide range of frequencies from low to high, capturing even delicate sounds exactly as they should be.

  • Center
  • Stereo

Zoom Microphone function with directional control

Inputs from three microphones can be mixed to change the directionality while maintaining audio quality. Some people use different directional microphones to record different audio depending on the distance from the sound source or to incorporate ambient sounds but the LS-P5 covers all of these areas in a single unit. Directionality can be set in 21 levels. Choose the optimal settings depending on what you want to record, from birdsong to lectures. The audio recording level is automatically adjusted according to the zoom microphone.

  • The numbers in the figure are Zoom Microphone setting values.

Distortion-free recording even with loud inputs

This recorder features sound pressure resistance levels up to 125 dB SPL, making it possible to faithfully record distortion-free sound sources across a wide dynamic range, from aeroplanes to loud musical performances and even classical music.

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