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Smart mode enables to anyone to record high-quality recordigs, TRESMIC realises natural stereo sound. Linear PCM Recorder LS-14 is born.

This recorder has a new function called smart mode that enables anyone to record high-quality recordings easily. With smart mode, there is no need to resort to troublesome manual operation as you can create professional level recordings with just a simple operation. Furthermore, the three-microphone system TRESMIC has been enhanced. The filter for the omnidirectional centre microphone has been revised to obtain a more natural stereo sound. The maximum sound pressure level is now 130dB SPL. With a maximum sound pressure that is unprecedented for recorders in this class, there is no clipping even for the loud sounds of drums and other percussion instruments.

Basic Information

Product Name LS-14
Box Contents USB Connection Cable, Carrying Case, Stand Clip, 2 AA Alkaline Batteries, Instruction Manual (with Warranty Card)
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