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Authentic model which supports your serious business scene

The DM-650 incorporates the three-microphone system TRESMIC and a new playback engine to achieve even higher sound quality. This model will be useful in a variety of business settings where failure is not acceptable such as the recording important lectures. It also supports podcast playback so you can enjoy favourite podcasts, and much more.

Basic Information

Product Name DM-650
Box Contents 2 AAA NiMh Batteries, USB Cable, Strap, Earphones, Case (CS131), CD-ROM (Olympus Sonority), Instruction Manual
  • WMA is an audio format supported as standard by Microsoft in operating systems since Windows ME that achieves both high-quality sound and high compression.
  • SD is a trademark of SD Association.
  • DVM (TM) is a trademark for microphone directional control technology of DiMAGIC Corporation.
  • EUPHONY MOBILE (TM) is a trademark for comprehensive sound quality improvement technology including virtual sound source processing technology of DiMAGIC Corporation.
  • Under copyright law, you may not use audio you have recorded for other than personal enjoyment without the permission of the copyright holder.