Please note that information and links on this page may be incorrect or outdated due to this model no longer being in production.


Names of parts

  1. Built-in stereo microphone (L/R)
  2. Built-in center microphone
  3. LED indicator light (LED)
  4. Display (LCD panel)
  5. F1 button, MENU/SCENE button, F2 button
  6. STOP button
  7. + button
  8. REW button
  9. ERASE button
  10. − button
  11. MIC (Microphone) jack
  12. Card cover
  13. REC (Record) button
  14. OK button
  15. FF button
  16. Strap hole
  17. LIST button
  18. Built-in speaker
  19. EAR (Earphone) jack
  20. REMOTE jack
  21. POWER/HOLD switch
  22. Battery cover
  23. USB connector

  • This is for connecting the receiver of the optional Remote Control Set RS30W. Use the remote control to record/stop