KA335 Audio Cable

The Audio Cable KA335 is built with L shape 3.5mm plug and curl-type cable which is best for connecting to the digital camera.

SM2 Shockmount Adapter

The Shock Mount SM2 is an equipment to support attaching LS-P5 onto camera hot shoe. It eliminates the operational noise from camera and vibration noise, video shooting with higher quality audio is possible.

Compatible Models

LS-P5 / LS-P4 / LS-P1

RS29 Remote Control

Compatible Models
DS-71 / DS-61 / DS-51 / DS-60 / DS-50 / DS-40 / G-20

Record and stop the operations of your recorder this remote control.

E38 Canal Type Stereo Microphone

Especially designed to fit snugly inside your ears, these superior-quality and lightweight headphones make sure you only hear what you really need to. Blocking out any unwanted background noise and delivering acoustic clarity with a wide frequency range, the result being hours of comfortable listening of the finest audio quality.

  • Some accessories are included with the audio recorder while others are sold separately. For details, see the corresponding audio pages.