ME32 Compact Zoom Microphone

ME32 Compact Zoom Microphone

ME32 Compact Zoom Microphone

Microphone with stable stand provides dependable recording even in large rooms (such as at lectures or seminars).

This microphone is convenient for recording meetings, lectures, and other events where the sound source is far away.  It is compact and portable with legs that can be folded away for easy carrying. With accessories that include a windscreen for reducing wind noise, this microphone can also be used outdoors.

Use case

  • Can be used for lectures and other events.
  • The ME32 is ideal for recording at a distance in a large space. Ambient noise is eliminated to capture the voice of the targeted speaker.


Type Electret condenser type
Directivity Unidirectional
Frequency response 70 to 14,000Hz
Sensitivity -36.8dB (0dB = 1V/Pa, 1kHz)
Output impedance 1.1kΩ
Power supply Plug-in-power system (2 to 5V)
Plug Ø3.5mm 3-pole gold-pated plug
External dimensions 115.8mm x 19.2mm x 26.6mm
Dimensions of microphone part Ø10.7mm x 115.8mm
Cord length 1m
Weight Approx. 31g (including cord)
Accessories Windscreen, case
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • This microphone cannot be used connected to a recorder without a function for supplying power to an external microphone.
  • Sensitivity is not guaranteed when this product is used in combination with another company's recorder.
  • Ensure you have read the instruction manual of the device to which this product will be connected.
  • Connecting and disconnecting the microphone during recording will cause a malfunction and noise.
  • Disconnect the ME32 when connecting your recorder to a PC because peripheral devices may be affected by noise.