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  • 2.7-inch LCD monitor
  • HyperCrystalIII
  • TruePic III
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µ 9000

10X optical zoom and 28mm*2 wide-angle

Olympus µ Series consist of compact digital cameras featuring, slim, stylish designs and high zooming performance.
As the flagship model of the ยต-Series lineup, the µ-9000 incorporates a wide zoom lens with 10X optical zoom, building on the technology used in the previous 38mm*27X optical zoom lens, as well as the newly developed 2.7-inch HyperCrystal III LCD monitor and the Beauty mode to enhance the appearance of the human face.

World's slimmest, smallest camera*1 incorporating a 10X optical zoom lens

The fruit of Olympus lens technology, the world's slimmest, smallest*1 10X optical zoom lens boasts a zoom range that extends from wide-angle 28mm*2 to telephoto 280mm*2, making it ideal for shooting any type of scene - from a magnificent landscape to a close-up portrait. Compact and slim enough to carry easily in a small bag, this camera can go anywhere, providing top-notch performance at home or on the road. Picture blur due to camera shake and subject motion that tends to occur in telephoto shooting is prevented by the CCD-shift image stabilization function and the high-sensitivity image capturing.

2.7-inch HyperCrystal III LCD monitor and a wide 160-degree viewing angle

The LCD monitor has a viewing angle of over 160-degree to ensure accurate framing even when the camera is positioned at an extremely low or high angle. The wide viewing angle also makes it possible for more than one person to comfortably view playback pictures. In addition, the high contrast and wide chroma range of the LCD monitor beautifully reproduces both blacks and vivid colours. The LCD has twice*4 the brightness of conventional LCD monitor with up to1000 cd/m2 *5 so the subject displayed on it can be seen clearly even under daylight.

HyperCrystal III

Beauty mode*6 to enhance the appearance of the human face

The new Beauty mode brightens human skin by one tone and provides a softer, smoother texture to create a more attractive, impressive appearance. When this mode is used in picture playback, it makes the reproduced faces more vivid by imaging the eyes more prominently and enhancing the light entering the pupils as if an eye catch-light was used. The Beauty mode is based on the face detection function and does not alter the brightness of the background.

Box Content

Lithium Ion Battery: Li-50B / Lithium Ion battery charger: Li-50C / USB&AUDIO/VIDEO multi-terminal / OLYMPUS Master 2 software CD-ROM / Strap / Camera case / Written guarantee / Manual / microSD attachment: MASD-1

Optional Accessories

And more

  • Intelligent Auto mode
  • Pre-capture movie function to ensure fewer missed shots
  • In-camera panorama image compositing with on-screen guide for camera movement
  • Colour Universal Design authentication for easy visibilities
  • MASD-1 microSD adapter provided to enable recording/playback with microSD Cards
  • *1. As of January 2009. Among compact digital cameras with straight-type 10x optical zoom lens.
  • *2. 35 mm camera equivalent.
  • *3. Effective pixels.
  • *4. Comparison with Olympus HyperCrystal II LCD.
  • *5. Measured at image centre under the manual maximum brightness setting.
  • *6. Available only for image sizes of about 3 megapixels or smaller. The effect may vary between individuals.
  • * All other company and product names are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of their respective owners.
  • * The pictures of the LCD monitors are simulated.
  • * Product availability depends on sales areas.
  • * Colour availability depends on sales areas.




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