The ultimate premium compact with a sought-after optical system is born.

It's here - a camera with a 10.7x optical zoom, and bright constant aperture f2.8 packed into a compact body. The high-quality dials are beautifully cut from metal for a solid feel when operating the camera controls and an indescribable sense of comfort. Also, the cutting edge technology iHS uses a 1 / 1.7 type back-lit CMOS sensor to obtain excellent image quality with a high degree of perfection. The inclusion of a large, high-resolution EVF which lets you give your undivided attention to shooting, and the Control Ring truly make this an absolutely luxurious, premium compact digital camera.

f2.8 28-300mm* i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens

The new i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens developed for the STYLUS 1 boasts bright constant aperture f2.8. This bright lens enables shooting at fast shutter speeds, thereby reducing camera shake and subject blurring that tends to occur in dim scenes and telephoto shooting. This lens also makes beautiful background defocusing possible for three-dimensional images, and helps to reduce noise when shooting at lower ISO speeds.

* 35mm equivalent

f2.8 28-300mm* i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lensi..ZUIKO Lense

The large, high-resolution EVF that helps to enhance concentration

It is important for the camera to have a viewfinder so that you can devote yourself to shooting while keeping an eye on the subject. The STYLUS 1 is equipped with a large, high-resolution built-in EVF. The EVF is different from optical viewfinders found on DSLR cameras in that it can assist when shooting in dark locations. It clearly projects the subject even under midsummer sun for a comfortable shooting.

* EVF: Electronic Viewfinder

The large, high-resolution EVF that helps to enhance concentration

DSLR style and refined control system

The body design is specifically created to accommodate comfortable viewfinder shooting. The STYLUS 1 is the result of pursuing the shooting style of DSLR users rather than thinking of it as a compact camera. The highly-functional grip lets you firmly hold the camera for long periods of time without putting strain on your fingers. The ever-popular Hybrid Control Ring is also included in response to demands from professional photographers.

Art Filter

Built-in Wi-Fi & OLYMPUS Image Share

This camera is also equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi function for quick and easy smartphone connection*. When linked with the OLYMPUS Image Share smartphone app, images on the camera can be transferred to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. On top of that, the smartphone can be used for remote shooting and adding GPS tags to photos for greater photo enjoyment than ever before.

Built-in Wi-Fi & OLYMPUS Image Share

Art Filter & PHOTO STORY

In addition to Art Filter which lets you create artistic photographic expressions, this model is also equipped with PHOTO STORY for creating a story out of multiple photos. These are Olympus-original functions that let you turn normal, everyday scenes into photos that are uniquely your own.

* ART FILTER is a trademark and/or registered trademark of Olympus Imaging Corporation.

Art Filter & PHOTO STORY

Convenient basic functions

The STYLUS 1 is packed with convenient features for shooting, such as Full HD movies, High-Speed Movie, and various other movie and shooting functions.

Convenient basic functions

  • * Wi-Fi communication is possible with the OLYMPUS Image Share smartphone app.
  • * Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • * The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo is a Wi-Fi Alliance certification.
  • * Photos are for visualization purposes only.
  • * Inset images are composites.

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