TG-3, the pinnacle of Tough cameras, perfectly captures the most amazing moments.

Introducing the STYLUS TG-3 Tough, the pinnacle of the Tough series, equipped with a bright F2.0 lens. Not only is this model packed with Tough performance, but features macro performance that is markedly evolved. With accessories that expand the system, range of possible scenes are even widened. In addition, a new smartphone app is available that updates the GPS assist data at the destination and manages the GPS tracking and photos. When combined, these features make shooting Tough scenes more fun than ever before.

Tough scenes with amazing image quality

Trekking, diving, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and leisure activities - the STYLUS Tough series can endure and perform in any environment.

Advanced Macro System

Four different shooting modes are available for expanding the expressive power of macro photography.

  • Super macro mode
  • Microscope mode
  • Focus stacking mode
  • Focus bracketing mode

System expandability for a wider realm of shooting

Mountains, rivers, valleys, oceans, mountain climbing, trekking, diving, skiing, snowboarding, and leisure activities. The TG-3 is designed to work as part of a system, making it useful in any difficult environment and any tough sport.

GPS + Electronic compass and Built-in Wi-Fi

The GPS function on the TG-3 is compatible with GLONASS and QZSS for improved positioning accuracy. Position accuracy has been further improved. With support for GPS assist data, positioning speed is significantly improved when the GPS assist data information is updated ahead of time using a computer or smartphone.

iHS Technology

The combination of image processor 'TruePic VII' that provides high image quality and high speed operation, with low-noise 'back-lit CMOS sensor' lets you reliably take shots of the night scenes and backlit scenes without any difficulties.

Shooting modes that bring out the right mood

This camera is equipped with artistic modes only available from Olympus, such as Art Filter, Picture mode, and Photo Story. These modes are perfect for those who like to take creative photos that represents their unique personality.

Basic Information

Product name STYLUS TG-3 Tough
Box Contents Strap, USB cable, F-2AC AC adapter for internal charging, LI-92B lithium ion rechargeable battery, Olympus Viewer 3 CD-ROM, instruction manual and warranty card
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