• TG-Tracker
  • STYLUS 1
  • TG-4
  • SH-2
  • SP-100EE

STYLUS Compact Digital Cameras


  • STYLUS 1

    The ultimate premium compact camera equipped with unrivalled optics.

X Series

  • XZ-2

    The X Series, with its i.Zuiko Digital lens for outstanding imaging power represents a dramatic evolution in camera technology.

  • XZ-10

    Capture everyday life. Share it. Enjoy it. A premium compact that expands the possibilities for capturing your moving moments.

S Series

  • SH-2

    Super-telephoto Zoom Camera Combined with Optical 5-axis Image Stabilisation

  • SH-1

    A premium design camera, equipped with optical 5-axis image stabilization

  • SP-100EE

    The 50x optical ultra-zoom camera equipped with Eagle's Eye

T (Tough) Series

  • TG-4

    Further evolved to perfectly capture the most amazing moments.

  • TG-3

    Capture the action in any environment.

  • TG-2

    The new standard of toughness.

  • TG-870

    A camera fitting to extreme outdoor environments

  • TG-860

    A Tough camera that accurately captures the greatness of the outdoors

  • TG-850

    Ultra-wide lens and a 180 tilting monitor makes it easy to shoot self portraits

  • TG-Tracker

    A Tough camera that lets you relive the moment


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